Citizen portal for Southern Viby

”We know that there are lots of things happening in Southern Viby, but where can we read about them?” This question has been asked many times. With the new citizen portal  there is finally an answer to the question. 

5,500 people live in Southern Viby.

The project is a sister portal to  Presumably, this is the first time that training of citizen journalists has taken place in Denmark. Citizen journalism exists in a number of other countries, but apparently, there has never before been a thorough training of them.  
The portal is managed by journalist Birger Agergaard. He is certain that citizen journalists can create better means of communication in a district than the established media can.

Closer to realities
”The citizen journalists are closer to realities. Therefore, they can dig out unconventional stories. And most importantly, they help create a more universal image when they write about their own neighbourhood. Naturally, they will also write about the negative sides which are inevitable in exposed districts,” Birger Agergaard says.

The portal has not only been set up to improve the image of southern Viby. The citizen journalists will also help give an overview of the various activities in the district. Therefore, the citizen journalists will keep a database of organizations, houses and resource persons, so that all users can find precisely the activities that are relevant for them.  

The citizen journalists hope that many people will contribute to the portal by sending in pictures or maybe a tip for a story. It is also possible to have discussions on the portal and there is even a market place where people can sell and buy items and make inquiries. It is intended that the communication should be two-sided rather than only coming FROM the portal TO the citizens.

The portal is financed by the two housing organisations Aarhus Omegns Boligforening and ALBOA.

For more information, please contact editor Birger Agergaard